On the rare occasion that your GNARBOX update doesn't go according to plan, please check out these solutions! 

Here are some examples of issues we have seen and their resolutions: 

Endless Rainbow Lights
Two Blinking Red Lights
Stuck on Download Screen
Stuck on Install Screen

Resolution: restart the GNARBOX, reconnect to the wifi and app, and reattempt the update. If the update continues to fail, check out the troubleshooting methods below or contact us via live chat.

A note on WiFi required updates: a WiFi update cannot be performed if the network is behind an authentication page or if the WiFi network has no password.

Android users: Android devices are not able to connect to WiFi and Cellular Data simultaneously.  Therefore, you will only be prompted with the option to download via WiFi.  If the update fails, follow the troubleshooting guidelines outlined toward the bottom of this page.

If you experience any of the issues listed below, please try manually updating using our troubleshooting methods below.

  • Unable to establish internet connection Note: If you are having WiFi connection issues regarding an update, please first make sure that you are in the same room as your router and within 10 feet of it. 
  • Update Failed
  • Password incorrect even if it is the right password
  • Can connect phone to GNARBOX WiFi but cannot connect in app
  • Unable to obtain IP address alert
  • Cannot connect because network name contains symbols
  • Cannot locate hidden WiFi network
  • Cannot access network that is not password protected
  • No WiFi signal from the GNARBOX


If you continue to experience failed firmware updates you may need to manually install the latest update.  Please follow the instructions below in order to complete a manual update:

For this you'll need a USB thumb drive with a capacity between 8GB and 100GB. 

  1. Download this file.
  2. Place downloaded file onto a FAT32 formatted & empty thumb drive. Don't unzip the file.
  3. With the GNARBOX powered OFF, insert the thumb drive into the black USB port on the GNARBOX.
  4. Power the GNARBOX on - you should see some blinking lights on the box and the top light will go solid green once the installation is complete. 

You should now be up to date!

If your failed updates persist, please contact us via chat using the icon in the bottom righthand corner of this screen or email us at support@gnarbox.com

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