What does the Task Manager do? 

Let's start by assigning GNARBOX a task, such as:

  • Importing files
  • Playing back a video
  • Exporting a HLR

Now let's check on the progress of that task by tapping the ‘Task Manager’ button in the top header of the app. 

The Task Manager indicates that it is in progress if the symbol is spinning. You will see an increasing percentage count and label associated with the task you have assigned. If it's not spinning, that means GNARBOX has completed all tasks.  

Matt’s Advice: “For maximum efficiency, let tasks complete before moving onto the next. If you have more than 4 major tasks going at once, GNARBOX may slow down.”  

Matt is one of the original members of the GNARBOX Team and is the Director of Sales and Media. Talk to him about Canon cameras and water photography! You can see his personal work at

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