There are few things more satisfying than being able to use swipe gestures on your phone to make whatever you're doing more intuitive. The GNARBOX app is full of neat little gestures to make your photo/video experience a breeze. We've compiled a list here for quick reference! 

Collection - Show File Meta Data
Tapping once with two fingers in the Organize view will show you the meta data for all files. Tap with two fingers again to hide this info.  

Photo/Video Preview - Favorite a File
Swipe up on a file when viewing it in Preview to add it to your Favorites

Photo/Video Preview - View Next or Previous File
Swipe left or right to move from one file to the next when viewing in the Preview screen. 

Photo Preview - Zoom and Drag
Pinch to zoom in on a photo, and drag it to focus on a specific part. Pinch again to zoom out 

Video Preview - Play Video
Tap the video frame to play the video, and tap again to pause it 

Video Preview - Regenerate Video Stream
If your video preview isn't displaying properly, tapping and holding on a video will give you the option to regenerate the video preview

Video Editing - Magic Marker
Swipe down on your video to set an in or out point using the Magic Marker

Video Editing - Fine Scrubbing
Drag up on the playhead in the video editor to enable Fine Scrubbing, which allows you to get a more precise edit 

Video Editing - Add Clip to Highlight Reel
After setting the in and out points on the Trim Bar for a clip, swipe up on the video to add it to your Highlight Reel 

Video Editing - Frame by Frame Advance
Swipe left or right on a paused video to move frame by frame

Video Editing - Clip Re-rack
Double tap the video to start the playhead at the beginning of your clip. The clip will play and stop at the end of your trim.

Video Editing - Reset Trim Bar
Double tap the Scissors to reset the Trim Bar 

Highlight Reel - Change Clip Order
In the Highlight Reel, hold down and drag a clip to change its position in the Reel

Highlight Reel - Delete Clip
In the Highlight Reel, swipe down on a clip to delete it

Photo Editing - Reset Values
Double tap any photo adjustment to reset it's values

Photo Editing - Toggle Edited and Original Photo
Tap the image to toggle back and forth between the Edited and Original version of your photo

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