For the third quarter of 2017 we have lined up a number of exciting features, improvements and bug fixes that continue our path of constantly improving the GNARBOX software experience. The biggest features in the pipeline include major improvements to the Android device as a whole, as well as video editing and file management. 

Note: We will update this post as each release goes into development and closer to release. 

Completed Releases

1.3.0 - Android Video Color Correction & Performance Boosts (End of July)

The goal of this release is to cut as much fat from the Android application experience as possible and improve total performance in the GNARBOX. We have also released the Video Color Correction feature for Android. 

  • (Android) Video Color Correction 
  • (Android & iOS) Fixed various app crashes
  • (Android & iOS) Improved performance and navigation  
  • (Android) Improved back button experience

1.4.0 - Batch Export Manager & Video Bit Rate Configuration

This software release gives you more control over your workflow and file management while in the field. It requires a Firmware update (1.4.0).

  • (Android & iOS) Batch Export Manager  
  • (Android & iOS) Video Bitrate Configuration 

Scheduled Releases for Q4

1.x.x - File/Folder View, >128GB cards

1.x.x - Re-Trim on Video Highlight Reel

1.x.x. - Auto-Import

1.x.x - Format Ex-FAT for Media Partition, Write/Delete to/from SD Card

1.x.x. - Export XML & Downloadable LUTs


Backlog of Major Features

Android Pinch/Zoom
Multiple Projects
Backup Enhancements
Video Slow Motion
Metadata Tagging
Advanced Search/Filter
Cloud and sharing integrations/APIs
Video Crop & Rotate

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