Today's update is specifically focused on addressing missing features on the Android platform (namely Video Color Correction), improving navigation, and making a major reduction in bugs that will ultimately boost total performance. The result is a reduced feeling of ‘clunkiness’- a word that gets used a lot when describing the GNARBOX Android experience.  Performance has improved drastically on older generation platforms and Samsung devices, but should be felt by users with the most current phones/tablets as well.  


  • Adjust the light and color balance of your videos and highlight reels with new video color correction controls 
  • Edit more smoothly with enhanced performance on photo and video color/light effect sliders 
  • Navigate the app more fluidly with enhanced performance on thumbnail list views with large numbers of files 
  • Review files on connected devices more quickly with enhanced performance while devices are indexing 

Bug Fixes:  

  • Fixed issues with navigation that caused home screen collection banners to bounce users to the wrong place in the corresponding thumbnail list 
  • Resolved various contexts that caused the app to crash 
  • Addressed loss in file size and resolution associated with saving a JPG image to Gallery 
  • Fixed issue with photo crop grip that caused it to lose aspect ratio lock when dragged in certain ways 
  • Consolidated behavior of hardware back button for predictable navigation behavior

Now live in the Google Play and App Store

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