• New save to Camera Roll / Gallery functionality gives 100% coverage for phone-supported RAW images
  • Added support for uncompressed RAW images from Sony Alpha Cameras
  • Updated RAW decoding and preview system to support new formats: Nikon NRW, Phase One IIQ, Leica DNG, Leica RAW, Hasselblad 3FR, Premiere TIFF exports, Lightroom DNG exports, Lightroom TIFF exports, and more

RAW In-App Support includes:

  1. Uncompressed Sony ARW
  2. Leica DNG
  3. Leica RAW
  4. Hasselblad 3FR
  5. Sony SR2
  6. Sony SRW
  7. Nikon NEF (some)
  8. Nikon NRW
  9. Phase One IIQ

Bug Fixes:

  • Repaired issue with save to Camera Roll / Gallery that caused RAWs to be saved as JPGs
  • Fixed problem that caused "Update Available" notification to appear when firmware was already updated


Digital Cameras supported by iOS10

Download the Updates:

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