Color grading gives a new level of professionalism and quality to your Highlight Reels. Color grading can be responsible for creating punchy fun footage, or even creating a more moody atmosphere. 

Here's a quick guide to color correcting using GNARBOX: 

Unlike traditional color grading, which is applied after all clips are assembled, GNARBOX allows you to color correct before you place a clip in the Highlight Reel. These color settings will be applied to the rest of that file, which means you don't have to correct each single clip from that file before you add it to the Highlight Reel. 

Want to adjust the coloring of another section of the clip? Just change the color settings and they'll be applied to your clip when you add it to your Highlight Reel. 

We've added the same color settings from our Photo Editor to the Color Correction screen, which means you can carefully tweak exposure, saturation, and many other settings, the same way you would a photo.

If you wish to reset one of the settings back to zero, simply double-tap that item.  For instance, double-tapping the "Exposure" block will reset the exposure back to zero.

To reset all of the settings, scroll horizontally to the end of your editing options and select "Reset All".

We recommend one of two workflows for color correcting with GNARBOX:

  1. Correct individual clips first and then add them to the Highlight Reel. This is a great method to use if you want to have more control over the color of each clip in your Reel.
  2. Finish your Highlight Reel construction, export to your GNARBOX, and then color correct the entire Highlight Reel all at once. This is a less precise method, but speeds up the process, especially if you just want to do general overall adjustments. 

Pro Tip: shooting using a "flat" color profile will allow you more control when color correcting. Different cameras have different names for this (ie: GoPro calls it Protune, DJI calls it D-Log or Cine-Log). Check out our article on flat color profiles for a more in-depth understanding and to give yourself the ultimate level of control when color correcting in the GNARBOX app! 

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