One of the greatest things about the GNARBOX is that you can easily go from editing your files on the go with just your GNARBOX, to connecting to your computer and accessing your files there. 

When in Mass Storage Mode, your GNARBOX will show up the way any external hard drive would when plugged into your computer. This will allow you to access any of the footage stored on your GNARBOX in its original format, as well as any edited photos, Highlight Reels, or folders you've created. 

Note: if your computer features USB-C ports, simply use a USB-C to USB 3.0 dongle to plug your GNARBOX into your computer!  Some USB-C dongles do not supply enough power to connect the GNARBOX.  If you get an error message, we recommend trying a different USB-C dongle such as this one.

For a full video tutorial, check out our YouTube tutorial here.

How to use your GNARBOX in Mass Storage Mode: 

1. Hit the Settings button on the Home screen of your GNARBOX

2. Hit USB3 Mode and select Mass Storage
3. Connect your GNARBOX to your computer using the USB3 cable provided

4. Your GNARBOX will now show up as a mounted device on your computer
5. Open your Finder or Windows Explorer and navigate to the GNARBOX.

 6. You can drag and drop files from any of the folders on your GNARBOX to copy them onto your computer, as well as copy files to your GNARBOX by dragging them into one of the folders there. 

7. To disconnect, simply eject the GNARBOX drive, and make sure to switch your GNARBOX back into Normal USB3 mode using the GNARBOX app. 

Please note that you will not be able to use the GNARBOX app to access or edit files while it is in Mass Storage Mode. 

Troubleshooting Mass Storage Mode: 

GNARBOX won't show up when plugged into my computer

  • First make sure that the GNARBOX is switched into Mass Storage Mode before you plug it into your computer. It may be necessary to unplug, switch back to Normal Mode, then back to Mass Storage, and then plug in again.
  • If your GNARBOX still isn't showing up, please reboot both your computer and your GNARBOX.
  • Try a different cable - most USB3 hard drives utilize the same cable as the GNARBOX, so it's worth testing out a different one!
  • If you're using a USB-C dongle and are having issues, try swapping the dongle for a different one.
  • Try plugging your GNARBOX into a different USB port on your computer.
  • If you have any bluetooth devices connected to your computer (ie: keyboard or mouse), make sure to disconnect them as the bluetooth signal can affect wifi devices on a computer.
  • Some older operating systems (such as Windows 8) have difficulty reading newer wifi devices when connecting via USB.  If you have an older operating system and are experiencing frequent issues, we recommend upgrading to a newer system if possible.  Our developers are still investigating what may be causing this issue.
  • Custom built computers are also known to have technical difficulties when connecting the GNARBOX.  For this reason, we do not recommend using your GNARBOX with a custom built computer.

If you are still unable to get your GNARBOX to mount on your computer, please contact support at or via our Live Chat in the bottom right corner of this page! 

Kat is the Community Manager at GNARBOX. Talk to her about Sony cameras, adventure photography and video editing with the GNARBOX! You can see her personal work at and

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