There's nothing quite like opening up a brand new piece of gear and putting it in your hands for the first time. Opening the GNARBOX is no different - so pull that thing out of its box and get started with it! 

What's in the box? 

  • A USB3 Type A to Micro B Cable
  • A Quick Start Guide

For a full video tutorial on how to get started with your GNARBOX, check out our YouTube tutorial here!

How do I charge my GNARBOX?
Using the USB3 Cable included with your GNARBOX, simply plug the device into a USB port on your computer or into a USB wall charger. The bottom LED on your GNARBOX will illuminate blue so you know that it's charging! 

What do the LEDs mean? 

How do I do a hard reset?
A hard reset is sometimes needed when other troubleshooting options haven't helped solve the issue with your GNARBOX. Note that a hard set will NOT erase everything on your GNARBOX. A hard reset will simply disconnect and then reconnect the battery. It will never harm any of the files on your GNARBOX or otherwise reset the operating system or software. If you would like to perform a full factory reset of your GNARBOX, please contact support via our live chat or at

  1. Power your GNARBOX on. If your GNARBOX will not power on, plug it in to charge for a few hours and then proceed to Step Two. 
  2. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. All LEDs will turn off.
  3. Keep holding the power button for another 30-45 seconds
  4. A turquoise LED will come on, then shut off
  5. Reset is complete and you can power on as normal

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