In App Tutorials

Check out the tutorials in the app to help you!

Why? GNARBOX is a multifunctional device! These tutorials breakdown it’s basic functionality to help you accomplish an efficient post production process. 

Help Button

Each page of the GNARBOX app offers multiple functions that navigate you through your post production process. On your first view of each page, you’ll be greeted with pop up bubbles that will describe what each button does. 

You can access these descriptions at any time by tapping the ‘Help’ button (?) in the upper header. We recommend using this button often during your first few sessions in the app to familiarize yourself with all the functions of the app.

YouTube Tutorials

We’ve put together detailed video tutorials that can be accessed by tapping the ‘Learn More’ button in the upper right corner of the app. From turning on your GNARBOX to exporting a 4K highlight reel, learn it all HERE! 

Matt is one of the original members of the GNARBOX Team and is the Director of Sales and Media. Talk to him about Canon cameras and water photography! You can see his personal work at

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