The GNARBOX community is comprised of a great number of Android device users and we wanted to take the time to provide additional support for the Android experience with GNARBOX.  When compared to iOS, there are a few key differences that may cause frustrations or difficulties on Android devices.  

In this article, we will discuss:

  • Updating Firmware: troubleshooting and tips
  • GNARBOX App User Experience


As of firmware/app version 1.7.0, Android users will now experience bundled firmware updates.  Firmware updates are no longer a significant pain point for our Android users!

It's important to note that GNARBOX Operating System updates will still need to take place over wifi.

Why can’t I update over Cellular Data?  I am only given the option to update via WiFi, but I’d rather update with Cellular Data.  (NOTE: this is for GNARBOX Operating System updates only)

Android has programmed their devices so that Cellular Data and WiFi cannot be used simultaneously.  Because your GNARBOX is connected to your phone via WiFi during an update, you are not able to use Cellular Data to perform a firmware download.  While we would love to give you the option to download over Cellular Data, we are not able to because of this limitation of the Android operating system.  Our development team is currently working on creating alternate options for more seamless updates to Android devices.

If you are still unable to obtain the update, please contact our customer support at or chat with us live on for further troubleshooting.

For these reasons, we recommend only updating your app and firmware when you’re near local password protected WiFi networks.


There are currently four main ways that the Android user experience differs from iOS.  These include:

Video Editing -- Using the Trim Bar

Utilizing the trim bar can sometimes cause the GNARBOX app to have performance issues on Android devices.  This is because the video player tools on Android devices are unfortunately not as performant as iOS.

An easy workaround is to turn Color Correction off for optimal performance.  In the GNARBOX app, go to Settings >> Advanced >> Turn off Video Color Correction.  This will help boost performance while editing in the Highlight Reel.

Video Editing -- Rearranging Clips in the Timeline

Similar to the trim bar, rearranging clips on the timeline can also cause a lag in performance.  This is due to Android’s rendering service.

This issue can also be minimized by turning Color Correction off.   In the GNARBOX app, go to Settings >> Advanced >> Turn off Video Color Correction.  This will help boost performance while arranging clips in the timeline.

Photo Editing -- Pinch / Zoom for Focus Check

The Android GNARBOX app currently lacks pinch/zoom for focus check on images, which our team realizes is an essential and critical feature for photo editors.  Android’s tools for handling gestures above an image are more difficult to work with from a software development perspective  than iOS, so it has taken our team quite a bit of testing to work this feature out.  We have an implementation of pinch/zoom in the development stage, but we do not feel it is good enough to release just yet because the current experience would cause a great deal of user frustration.  We are looking to iterate on this development for release in a future software update.

The workaround for pinch/zoom is to export photos to your phone and import the files into a 3rd party app such as Lightroom Mobile.

Photo Editing -- Lightroom Mobile / Cloud Integration

With the implementation of iOS 11, users now have direct access to the photos on their GNARBOX through the iOS 11 Files app.  While we would love to open up this feature to our Android community, our collaboration with Adobe gave way to their interest in pursuing iOS devices first since Adobe Lightroom App releases are a full version ahead on Apple devices.  As soon as Adobe moves forward with their Android Lightroom Mobile updates, we would love to develop a release with them that opens up the possibilities for our Android Community.

As always, we're here to help solve your GNARBOX related issues, so if you're unable to find the answer you're looking for on, feel free to shoot us a message using the chat window found in the bottom right corner of the page!

Marlena is the Community Support Manager at GNARBOX. Talk to her about Canon cameras, travel and adventure photography! You can see her personal work at and

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