This article gives a more in-depth look at current GNARBOX supported and unsupported file types.  You will also find additional information about transcoding audio and video files on the GNARBOX.

In this article, we will cover:

  • Supported and unsupported photo file formats
  • Supported and unsupported video file formats
  • Transcoding audio and video
  • Suggested video transcode workflows

In general, these file formats are compatible with GNARBOX:

  • .MP4
  • .MOV*
  • .JPG
  • H.265 GoPro Hero 6
  • RAW files (most Sony, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Leica and Olympus file formats, see exclusions below)
  • Video shot at: <720p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2.7k, 4k
  • Frame rate: 24fps, 30fps, 48fps, 60fps, 80fps, 90fps, 120fps, 180fps, 240fps

If you are a GNARBOX owner and are experiencing a file type error, please contact us at

If you do not own a GNARBOX and want to inquire further about file type support, please feel free to use the live chat icon in the lower right corner to get in touch with us.

**Note: The GNARBOX internal storage is currently formatted as FAT32 which has a 4GB file size limit.  The GNARBOX 2.0 Operating System (for release in December 2018) will allow users to format their GNARBOX as exFAT allowing for larger file sizes and transfers.**

Current unsupported photo file types for editing:

  • GoPro RAW photos
  • .TIF
  • HEIC
  • .CR3

Click here for a full list of supported cameras.

You are able to back these files up and move them around within the GNARBOX ecosystem.  However, to edit the RAW files you will need to export them to your mobile device and open the file in Lightroom Mobile, Snapseed, or your favorite mobile RAW editing app.

Current unsupported video file types for video playback / editing:

  • ProRes
  • CineDNG
  • .MXF
  • .AVI
  • .MTS 
  • Canon MP4JPG MOVs
  • 360 video files
  • H.265 iPhone Video Recordings
  • GH-5 10-bit (note that other bitrates such as 8-bit are supported)
  • Mavic 2 Pro H.265 10-bit (note that other bitrates such as 8-bit are supported)

Despite the fact that ProRes files are often packaged in an .MP4 wrapper, the files contained within are not compatible with the GNARBOX’s video transcoder.  

XAVC users should also note that XAVC-S is supported, but any AVCHD and XAVC files are not.

 * For iPhone h.265 users, you are able to go into the Video Recording settings on your iPhone and change your settings to record in h.264 so that your video is compatible with the GNARBOX.  We are working on an update that will allow compatibility for iPhone h.265 in the future.

You are able to back these file types up and move them around within the GNARBOX ecosystem, but playback and editing are currently not supported for these file types.

Transcoding video and audio

Video transcode times can vary depending on a number of different factors.  These include:

  • Frame rate
  • Resolution
  • Bitrate
  • RAW audio

High frame rate and high bitrate videos can take longer to transcode  depending on the speed and bitrate they were shot at.

RAW audio can cause extended transfer time as well.  Examples of RAW Audio can include:

  • Mono audio
  • 44KHz audio
  • RAW audio frames
  • Audio codecs that aren’t standard to h.264 (ie: XAVC-S, GoPro Hero 4 Session, etc)

RAW audio will take roughly 1 second to transcode each second of audio.

Suggested Transcoding Workflow

To help minimize wait time, here’s a workflow we highly suggest if you’re looking to transcode a handful of clips:

  1. Plug in memory card, copy files you want processed over to the GNARBOX
  2. As soon as the file transfer is finished, eject the memory card
  3. The GNARBOX will begin to preprocess the footage.  Wait about 1 minute for every 1 minute of video shot.

If you are trying to edit a 128gb card filled with fresh footage, you should expect longer transcode wait times, but this process will work great if you’re just looking to edit a drone flight or two!

As always, we're here to help solve your GNARBOX related issues, so if you're unable to find the answer you're looking for on, feel free to shoot us a message using the chat window found in the bottom right corner of the page! 

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