The File Manager will bring one of the most meaningful updates to the GNARBOX since delivery. It is a fully enabled list view that unlocks cards and drives greater than 128GB on your Connected Devices menu - without indexing. It will also allow you to create and import to folders existing on your GNARBOX or drive and view all contents of your GNARBOX in these views.


  • Navigate your media in traditional file browsing style with the new File List view. 
  • Open your workflow to large hard drives with the ability to view, navigate, and copy files and folders from any connected device using the File List view. 
  • Customize the way you organize your files with the new Copy To Folder function in the File List view. 
  • Jump through long lists of files quickly with tap-to-scroll on the right side of the File List view. 
  • Access connected devices more easily through the “Devices” button, now present in File List and Favorites view on GNARBOX. 
  • Sort files for easy access using the new sort function in the File List view.

Bug Fixes:  

  • Repaired two issues that caused the app to crash intermittently while scrolling the thumbnail collection screen. 
  • Resolved an iPhone X issue that prevented the ability to exit tutorials.

Now live in the Google Play and App Store

This update requires both an application and firmware update. If you are on Android you will need to connect to a local wireless network to update the firmware. Both are 1.5.0. Learn how to update using WiFi here.

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