With Release 1.5.0 and the File Manager system, you now have more control over your backup experience. File Manager provides a new navigation experience that will streamline and speed up your backup and indexing process, give you the ability to create custom named folders on import and the ability to read drives and cards greater than 128GB. 

This article will cover: 

  • Navigating in the "Folder" view on GNARBOX
  • Creating folders and subfolders on GNARBOX and external drives
  • Copying files into existing folders on GNARBOX and external drives
  • Navigating external drives

For a video tutorial on how to use the File Manager, check out our YouTube tutorial here!

Navigating the "Folder" View On GNARBOX

The first thing you'll notice is a new "Folders" button in the bottom menu bar - this screen will allow you to view the contents of your GNARBOX organized by folder and file name rather than thumbnails. This includes being able to navigate subfolders within main folders. 

In the Folders view, you can now sort your files by date or name by hitting the Sort icon in the top right corner. You can also select and export entire folders to any connected device. 

Creating Folders and Subfolders on Import to GNARBOX or Connected Devices

One of the greatest advantages that comes with the File Manager update is the ability to create named folders and subfolders on both your GNARBOX or a connected drive. 

To do this, select the files you wish to copy, hit the "Copy to..." button at the bottom of the screen, choose whether to copy to your GNARBOX or an external drive (if connected). 

Next, select "Create new folder" and type in the name of the new folder. If you'd like to make a new folder with it's own subfolder for the copied files to live in, simply type the main folder name, a forward slash and then the subfolder name. For example Test/Day 1 will create a main folder named "Test", containing a subfolder named "Day 1" and the files will transfer into that subfolder.

Copying Into Existing Folders on GNARBOX or External Drives 

In addition to being able to create your own named folders, you can now also copy files into existing folders on your drive or GNARBOX. The procedure is the same as creating a new folder, but instead of entering a new folder name, type the name of an existing folder. You'll get a notification alerting you that a folder with that name already exists. It will give you the option to pick a different name or to merge into existing. Select "Merge into existing" and your files will copy into the existing folder. 

  • To copy files into an existing subfolder, simply enter the name of the existing folder followed by a forward slash and the subfolder name
  • To copy into an existing folder but create a new subfolder, enter the existing folder name followed by a forward slash and then the name of the new subfolder

Navigating External Drives

With the implementation of the File Manager system, you now have the ability to browse your drive either in List view, which will show all folders and their subsequent subfolders, or in Thumbnail view. 

For external drives with over 128GB stored on them, you will be required to view in List view. We have imposed this limit for a number of reasons, but namely because generating thumb nails and video previews for over 128GB of content would greatly slow down the processor on the GNARBOX. 

Another perk of viewing drives in List view is that you'll no longer need to wait for your drives to index, saving you time, and more importantly, battery life! Additionally, the speedy scrolling in long lists of files allows you to find the files you want quickly and easily. 

Note: The import process in Thumbnail view has not changed, so you must be in List view to be able to utilize custom folders and the other tools featured in File Manager. 

You can read more about backing up using GNARBOX here, and more about using connected drives and devices here! For troubleshooting, please check out our help article, or simply message us using the live chat function in the bottom right corner! 

Kat is the Community Manager at GNARBOX. Talk to her about Sony cameras, adventure photography and video editing with the GNARBOX! You can see her personal work at instagram.com/kat.greenbaum and vimeo.com/kgreenbaum.

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