Since Day 1 of Kickstarter we received a lot of requests to build API connections with some of your favorite editing applications (Lightroom Mobile, Snapseed, VSCO, iMovie, Power Director, and more).  To do this we need to partner with other companies – something we are actively working on.  In the meantime, we are launching a feature that brings you one step closer to tight integration with any app – Batch Export to Camera Roll/Gallery.

In addition to the Batch Export Manager, we are launching bitrate configuration for video exports to give you control over your video output quality and file size. This will allow you to create longer reels without bumping into export errors or smaller file sizes to manage space, upload to specific social platforms (ie Instagram Stories) and download onto older mobile phones. 


  • Batch Export Manager - Export multiple media files to Camera Roll or Gallery with one action using the new Batch Export Manager feature.
  • Video Bitrate Configuration - Control the size of your video exports with new bitrate configuration options in the Settings menu.

Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed issue that caused certain videos to silently fail when saving to the Camera Roll or Gallery
  • (Android) Repaired various issues that caused the app to crash during video editing and navigation

Now live in the Google Play and App Store

This Update requires both an application and firmware update. If you are on Android you will need to connect to a local wireless network to update the firmware. Both are 1.4.0. Learn how to update using WiFi here.

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