Love traveling with your camera but hate having to lug around your computer to back up files, or risk losing your memory cards? GNARBOX has you covered. Check out these travel tips to make the most out of your GNARBOX while globetrotting. 

1. Back Up and Charge Your Phone

Shooting a ton of photos of your trip on your phone and running out of space? Easily back up your photos and videos your phone straight on to the GNARBOX.  For a full tutorial, read our iPhone integration article here.  (Note: currently available on iOS only)

If you find yourself in a gorgeous spot and your phone is in the red, just plug in to the GNARBOX and juice up your battery so you can keep making memories!

GNARBOX also charges off USB so bring a battery pack!

2. 1 LB and Rugged

Laptops are cumbersome and fragile - GNARBOX weighs in at just over 1 pound, and is ruggedly constructed to resist whatever conditions you throw its way, be it dust, water, or the rough and tumble life of travel. Just toss it in your bag and you'll forget it's even there. 

3. Share Moments With Friends

GNARBOX allows for up to four devices to connect to its wifi at the same time, which means you and your friends can be checking out and editing photos and videos all at at once. No more waiting for one person to text you all the pics they took!

4. Gorgeous Instagram Stories

Ever wonder how brands get those high res Instagram Story photos? Pro Tip: They shoot with nice cameras and crop them on their computers! Get pro looking IG stories by editing your photos on the GNARBOX, which features a built in Instagram Story crop, so you can quickly make your edits and share them with the world. 

5. Full 4K Video Editing

Half the fun of going on a trip is sharing your adventures with your friends back home. GNARBOX lets you easily edit full res 4K video, using straight forward gesture-based editing tools that gets your footage from camera to Instagram in no time. 

6. Full RAW Photo Editing

Gone are the days of having to wait till you get home to edit your RAW photos. GNARBOX lets you do full RAW photo editing in the app, or export RAW to camera roll for editing in a 3rd party app like Lightroom Mobile CC or Snapseed.

7. Use Your Phone or Tablet

No matter what device you have, be it a phone or a tablet, you'll still be able use the GNARBOX app. You can even switch between the two depending on what kind of work you're trying to do, or how much you want to carry! 

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