Drones provide us a glimpse at our world from a totally new angle, often shot in stunning 4K. When paired with GNARBOX, you gain a host of important tools at your fingertips, from quick backups to video editing tools that will save you time and media space! 

1. Redundant Backups From the Field

There's nothing scarier than the idea of losing your drone (and your microSD card full of footage) due to a crash or random accident while flying. GNARBOX lets you create fast backups of your card every time you land so that you know your footage is safe and backed up before you take off again. 

2. Reduce Your Phone Cache 

Your cache provides a lower res backup of your whole flight, but your cache is limited by the amount of free space available on your phone, and the settings you choose for your drone. GNARBOX eliminates the need for a cache, since you can make as many backups of your footage as you want! 

3. Save Space By Trimming Full Res Videos

Let's face it: your drone clips can sometimes run LONG, resulting in large file size, especially if you're shooting 4K. Using GNARBOX, you can quickly trim your clips down to the parts you want to keep and discard the rest, saving you storage space and making your editing even easier down the road. 

4. Frame Grab for Full Res Shots

Flying a drone and shooting video at the same time is complicated enough without trying to grab the perfect photo somewhere in there too. GNARBOX takes the guesswork out of still drone images by allowing you to pull full res Frame Grabs from your footage, which you can then edit with the app's host of photo editing tools. 

5. DNG Editor On Your Phone

If you're more into taking photos with your drone rather than shooting video, GNARBOX has you covered there too! The GNARBOX photo editor allows you to quickly edit your DNG photos easily using your phone. 

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