1. Make Quick Backups to External Hard Drives

Not only can your photos be backed up to the GNARBOX's internal storage, you can also back up your camera's card straight to virtually any USB external hard drive plugged into the GNARBOX. Rest easy knowing your photos are safely stored in multiple places.

2. Edit in Lightroom CC

Using our direct Adobe Lightroom CC integration on iOS gives you the flexibility to quickly bring files in and out of Ligthroom CC for editing and cloud syncing. 

3. Safely Batch Export Hundreds of Images to your Camera Roll

Want to save time and export multiple photos to your camera roll to edit in a 3rd party app? Just choose the images you want, and batch export them directly from your GNARBOX to your device. 

4. High Quality Instagram Stories

Ever wonder how brands get perfect, sharp and high quality photos on their Instagram Stories? Hint: They had to use their computer. With GNARBOX, quickly backup high res photos from your DSLR, edit them and custom crop for Instagram stories within minutes. You'll be able to get that pro look from the field, without ever having to touch your laptop. 

5. Small (1lb) & Ruggedized (NO LAPTOP!)

GNARBOX is 1lb and the size of a standard HDD. It also comes water, dust & shock resistant to keep your footage safe.

6. Full 4k Video Editing

If you're looking to get into basic video edits for behind the scenes (BTS) Instagram Stories or rough cuts of your day, GNARBOX packs quick video transcoding and editing of up to 4K video. Simplify the entire process!

7. Collaborate Across All of Your Cameras

Film, edit and collaborate across all the cameras you own, in one place!

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