GoPro and GNARBOX are truly a match made in heaven. No other portable system allows you total control of your full res footage from your GoPro, allowing you to backup, quickly edit and share your clips with the world. Combining your GoPro with GNARBOX will take your workflow from basic to that of a serious GoPro shooter and enthusiast. 

1. GNARBOX + GoPro + More Cameras! 

GNARBOX allows you to seamlessly combine footage from multiple cameras, whether it be an array of GoPros or your GoPro + drone + DSLR. Go from POV to drone footage and back easily to create dynamic, pro looking video content.

2. Quick, Redundant Backups 

Backing up to GNARBOX is fast, redundant and doesn't take up any space on your phone! It's also far more efficient than backing up using just your phone due to the quad core processor built into the GNARBOX. 

3. Full creative control

The GNARBOX video editor gives you full creative control over your video editing - no automated algorithms here! Cut where you want using the Magic Marker tool, give it your own style and add your own music to make your Highlight Reel uniquely you.

4. Video Hit Point - Syncing Music and Video Perfectly

The Video Hit Point allows for fast and easy music synching for videos of epic proportions. Just set the hit point of your video, then choose a hit point for your music based on its waveform, and GNARBOX will match them up!

5. Full Video Color Correction

Easily color correct your videos in seconds to make sure your Protune footage is looking its best. GNARBOX color grading offers you the exact same tools we've built for photo editing, so you can get your footage looking just the way you'd like. 

6. Fast GoPro Instagram Stories 

Get your footage from your GoPro to your Instagram stories fast! Build a short Highlight, crop your footage and get it out there within minutes. 

7. High Resolution Frame Grabs

Ever wish you could have a photo of a sick moment from your GoPro footage but no one was there taking pictures? Capture high resolution frame grabs from your footage easily using the GNARBOX Frame Grab function. No one will ever know they weren't photos to begin with! 


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