As a photographer, you want to edit your photos in the highest resolution possible, which is why you shoot .RAW files! When you shoot .JPG photos, the image is compressed and vital image information is lost. 

RAW files are uncompressed and contain all the information recorded by your camera's sensor, which means that you can recover problem shots that would otherwise be unrecoverable if they were .JPGs. While editing .RAW images can often be annoying, GNARBOX makes .RAW editing a breeze. 

How do I edit .RAW files on my GNARBOX? 

  1. Select the image you'd like to edit from the Organize view 
  2. Hit 'Edit'
  3. A progress wheel will spin over the image while the .RAW file is being extracted. You can view its progress in the Task Manager.
  4. Once the progress wheel disappears, your photo has finished extracting and is ready to be edited! 

For a full tutorial on photo editing, check out our Tutorial Video

If you have a file that has extracted improperly, please reach out to us using our Live Chat in the below right corner, and we'll help you out!
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