The first step in any workflow is getting the files off of your camera and in a place where you can view, edit and share! 


  • Redundant copies to make your files safe and secure
  • Quickly clear your cards to get back to shooting
  • Faster processing and editing on the GNARBOX

GNARBOX comes with SD, microSD, USB2 and USB3 input/outputs. You can read off of and write to devices connected to these ports giving you quick access to your content and the ability to seamlessly create redundant backups.

How do I backup files from my card?

Backing up files from your card, camera or drive is easy. 

  1. Simply plug in your card, drive or card reader into the USB or SD ports. We do not recommend plugging your camera directly in, but it can be done.
  2. Connect to the GNARBOX from your phone and open the app. 
  3. Select 'Devices'
  4. Select your 'Device'
  5. Select your files and choose 'Copy Files'
  6. Select your destination - 'GNARBOX' or another attached drive
  7. Check the Task Manager for progress!

What are the backup speeds off of the GNARBOX?

GNARBOX is packed with 128GB of FLASH storage (8GB of which are allocated to the GNARBOX Operating System and buffer storage). The read and write speeds on that storage average 100MB/sec or approximately 6GB/minute. 

There are still varying speeds based on the card and drive speed being input. There are also faster speeds that are discovered off of high speed drives in the USB3 which is the fastest port onboard. 

Card readers and drives plugged into the USB2 port will read and write slower due to the limitations of these I/Os - nonetheless it is an important I/O for users who are utilizing their card reader in the other USB port to copy off of their CF card and onto another device such as an external hard drive.

Can I connect my External Hard drive?

One of the most commonly asked questions and overlooked features of GNARBOX is the ability to plug any drive into the USBs to extend your backup coverage. GNARBOX will support any drive powered up to 2 amps, though the greater the amperage the shorter the GNARBOX battery life. It's important to backup the files off your GNARBOX so you can archive them for future use and editing and clear space for new footage. Making multiple copies of your footage is best practice.

When using an External Hard drive, please do not have the GNARBOX plugged in to charge, as this can lead to "browning out" the box, where it restarts the server briefly and can lead to incomplete transfers. 

What card drives and formats work with GNARBOX?

GNARBOX has no issues reading HFS, NTFS, exFat or FAT32 formatted drives and cards. This was a big initiative for the software development team to implement compatibility across drive formats. This means your MAC or PC formatted drives will work seamlessly with the GNARBOX. 

Please contact support if you are having an issue.

TROUBLESHOOT: How come my drive won’t show up?

There are a few reasons this could be happening. The most common:

  1. You can only have an SD or a microSD plugged in, not both. If you have one already plugged in and are trying to insert another, remove the first one before inserting the new one.
  2. Drive is over 128GB. GNARBOX currently doesn't allow importing or viewing off of drives that are filled with greater than 128GB of footage. It will be hidden from the Devices page for import. You can still find devices greater than 128GB on export so don't worry- you can always back up to your drive.
  3. You are in Mass Storage mode! If you are using the USB3 (blue) port and you are in Mass Storage mode (find it in the settings) your drive will not show up. Try plugging into the USB2 (black) port or switching the mode in the settings.

I plugged my phone in to my GNARBOX but it's not showing up in devices - how can I get photos and videos off my phone onto the GNARBOX?

iPhone integration is here!  You can now back up photos and videos from your iPhone to your GNARBOX.  Check out our detailed tutorial on connecting your iPhone to the GNARBOX here.

Android support will follow shortly! 

As always, if you are having issues with devices, please reach out to us using the Live Chat found in the bottom right corner of this page. 

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