One of our most requested features, the ability to import photos and videos from your iPhone, is now part of the GNARBOX app! 

Here's how to access your iPhone on your GNARBOX:

First, plug your iPhone into your GNARBOX using your iPhone charging cable. 

The in the app, you'll get an alert asking if you want to trust this device - hit Trust. 

Now navigate to the Devices page, and select your iPhone. 

Let the files load in and create thumbnails. This might take a minute depending on how much content you have on your phone. You should now be able to select photos and videos from your iPhone and import them directly to your GNARBOX. 

For devices with large amounts of content stored on them, simply switch to List View in your File Manager!

Note: If you are currently running iOS 11 on your Apple device, you will not be able to see that device when plugged into your GNARBOX. We have resolved this bug and will be releasing a patch for it via OS firmware update in the near future. 

Kat is the Community Manager at GNARBOX. Talk to her about Sony cameras, adventure photography and video editing with the GNARBOX! You can see her personal work at and

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